Central's Science Day excites students

Making gas. A tornado in a box. Using a compass to complete a scavenger hunt. A lesson in nutrition that included creating a dolphin (out of a banana). Coding. Learning about droplets of water and molecules.

During the "Tornado in a Box" station, students learned how air molecules react to pressure.

These are just a few of the examples of how Central Elementary students (K-5) spent their day. Thanks to parents, volunteers and a grant from the Duke Energy Foundation and the IUPUI School of Science, the annual event presented all new material in a series of engaging activities. 

Kindergarten students were asked to estimate how many water drops could 'sit' on top of a penny. Then, with a parent carefully adding the droplets, they counted to test their hypotheses.

And even on this gray and unseasonably cool day, the Mobile Science Lab presented a lesson on solar energy to 5th grade classes, using students to represent each piece in the puzzle. 

At the outdoor solar station, students learned about solar energy and used a compass to collect items to create their own sundials.

It's important to note that Science Day would not be possible without the efforts of parents. This project is outside the scope of the PTO, although many of the day's volunteers are also active in PTO. We thank all of the volunteers for their dedication to expanding the learning opportunities for our students. Perhaps, in a few years, we'll learn that some of these young scientists become adult scientists!

The scavenger hunt led students to hidden treasures that were then used to create their sundials.

Without so many parent volunteers, an event like Science Day would never be possible.

When a lesson in nutrition includes creating clever dolphins with bananas, you know you've captured your young audience's attention!

Using colored beads and pipe cleaners, students learned how patterns can equate to coding.

It's always a great day when NASA scientists roam the school!

Prepared with safety goggles, these 4th graders are ready for their next experiment.

Making gas from sealed plastic bags, vinegar and baking soda: shocked expressions and a lot of laughter.

Making gas from sealed plastic bags, vinegar and baking soda: shocked expressions and a lot of laughter.