Week TWO of Summer 2019

Summer activities are in full swing by now, with camps, the lunch truck, teacher training and meetings galore. Never a dull moment, and we love that!

Thanks to a parent and several teachers and high school students, The Imagination Lab is wrapping up a week of VEX Robotics Camp, where elementary students have been learning the skills used on our robotics teams, especially those at the elementary level. If you were a visitor this afternoon, keeping one eye on floor (really, both eyes would be ideal!) was important, as several varieties of robots were zooming hither and yon at lightning speed. 

Volunteers at The Imagination Lab have been a vital part of its success this year, and will be just important going forward. But this week, Mr. Gray has gone above and beyond with his time and talent, and we are very appreciative!

Also at The Imagination Lab, some of the spring plantings have been harvested and summer plants are now beginning their own growing season. The herb garden smells like a farm market with a great, healthy assortment.

This week also found our youngest tennis players on the courts at PCMS, where Mr. Planker and Mrs. Rigdon kept them moving and laughing, while secretly teaching them important fundamentals for this lifelong sport. 

Teachers took part in trainings on several topics, and spent time today working on curriculum maps for next year. While the term curriculum map may be foreign to non-educators, it really means what it sounds like - teachers work together to chart the path for each standard they are held accountable for teaching in the coming year. Much like a road map or an atlas, you might not find your way without a clearly defined route!

Some of our vendors have been here to provide training this week, as well. Whether it's new textbooks or new software, changes are happening constantly, and education is not exempt. Teachers and administrators are constantly working to stay on top of the latest, or the best, instruction and materials. And no, the newest isn't always the best!

Jordyn Pax is playing her state finals match today in tennis, and we're eager to hear how she does. Regardless, she has represented Plainfield well on this journey to the state level, and we are incredibly proud of her.

PCMS held their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) camp this week, with 35 students, grades 6-8, participating in computer, cooking, art and many other activities, STEM-related activities. For a more complete update on their fun, check out their Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/QuakersMiddle/posts/370888966878528?notif_id=1559917250065020¬if_t=page_post_reaction

Of course, construction continues at PCMS, the new field turf at PHS is making excellent progress, and summer cleaning is on schedule in every school. It's been another busy week, and we'll be back next week to accomplish even more!