Sweet potato samples

As we head into Thanksgiving Break, some news from The Imagination Lab!

Students at Clarks Creek Elementary school had to option to sample sweet potatoes from the Learning Garden.  During the fall, students saw the sweet potato plants and learned that potatoes were growing in the soil.  

Though it wasn't the only opinion shared, one first-grade student declared, "Those sweet potatoes were delicious!"  

Special thank you to Kelly Collins, Mikki Dayhuff, Lisa McManama, and all the Clarks Creek cafeteria staff for preparing the sweet vegetable treat.

The tower garden is back!  After a much longer-than-expected break for cleaning, pump repair, and growing new seedlings, we are excited to see how much these plants grow!

Third-grade students from Van Buren created watercolor drawings

after seeing a book about mindfulness through VR goggles.

We'll wrap up 3rd and 5th and 2nd and 4th-grade visits before December 16 and look forward to sharing more photos and news from our joyful learning at The Lab.