July in the Learning Garden

It is amazing how our garden has grown during the past few weeks.  We are so appreciative to Duke Energy and Big Green for providing the funding and “know how” as we learn about the various plants we are growing.

Learning Garden Marker

Today, some of the vegetables in the  pizza garden are ready to harvest. Tracy Ballinger is eyeing green peppers, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes that are ready to be picked.  After harvesting vegetables from the pizza garden, we weighed them and documented the weight.

Tracy Ballinger picking peppers

We learned how to trim basil plants that are beginning to flower.  By trimming off the flowers and harvesting some of the basil leaves, we hope the plant will continue to grow and bush out over the next few weeks.  The basil has such a distinct aroma and will be used as a topping on a pizza we hope to make in the next few days.

Flowering Basil

Trimming the Basil

We are a little concerned about our green beans that are being eaten by insects.  They are beginning to form flowers and small buds that will eventually grow into beans.  We are researching how to protect the plant from the insects while still protecting the organic nature of the plant.  We will let you know what we ended up doing in the next few days.

Insect eaten green beansIt is also gratifying to see our sweet potatoes and carrots so healthy despite the very hot weather.  I am anxious to taste some of the edible flowers that are just now beginning to bloom in the flower garden.  Here is a picture of the first blooms. 

Edible Flowers

Stay tuned as we report on the plants that are flourishing in The Imagination Lab Learning Garden.