An Update on The Imagination Lab

Pictured above, members of the steering committee from L-R: Kelly Edwards, April Allen, Brian Nelson, Courtney Carmichael, Lisa Guthrie, Kyle Tutterow, Tracy Ballinger, Lindsey Warner, Mary Giesting, Julie Thacker, Brady Edwards

As we transition to the season of pumpkin spice everything, the transition of the space on the southeast corner of Clarks Creek Elementary is no less exciting. No more chlorine smell. No more locker rooms. And no more swimming pool, record boards and bleachers. 

Instead, steel and drywall, new bathrooms, massive new windows and an entirely new configuration. The Imagination Lab is coming to life!

The entrance to The Imagination Lab will be on the northeast corner of Clarks Creek Elementary, with all new parking to manage the flow of buses and cars.

With input from a steering committee of teachers from all four elementary schools and PCMS, Dr. Giesting and Mrs. Ballinger (Director and Assistant Director, respectively, of The Imagination Lab) are overseeing the endless details that come with the development of a new concept, in a new space, and with a new philosophy.

From the south end of The Imagination Lab, this photo gives a peek into the three distinct areas of the new space, with a massive studio on the left, thinking studios on the right, and a collaborative space right down the center.

Inside the space, the unique rooms and spaces are now recognizable by the untrained eye. From the massive studio area, to the thinking labs, to the collaborative space, you can imagine a finished product, with the sounds and energy of young students excitedly tackling projects of all varieties. 

A panoramic view, taken from the southwest corner of The Imagination Lab.

And the work that's happening isn't just inside the space! Stay tuned for more exciting news, photos and even a video.