Imagination Igniter #2

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Create a flipbook

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Imagination Igniter #2

Create a flipbook

Do you like watching cartoons?

Cartoons and other animation are made by putting together individual images where small changes are made from picture to picture.  

Much like you’ve been seeing this eye close.

When your eye sees a series of pictures that change quickly, your brain interprets the stationary pictures as showing motion.

In the last clip the picture changed once every second.  Here it is changing once every half second.

Neither of those make a very exciting animation

When you take the same images and move them faster, it starts to look like an animation.

Animations can start with drawing pictures.

In this example, I’m using a template to draw a picture on an index card 

and then I’ll make a small change to the picture from index card to index card.

I’m using white screen on a tablet to see the template through the index card

But holding your template and ndex card up to a window works well too.

33 index cards later, I have made a flipbook with a binder clip helping to hold the cards together.

When you flip through your pages, it looks like your drawing is moving!

You can bet this took perseverance.

Remember, that’s one of our e-skills?

When you persevere, you don’t give up - even when you’re drawing almost exactly the same image 33 times.

Making a flipbook also requires Attention to Detail

With this e-skill you pay attention to the small things

Do you notice those blue dash marks? 

 I used them to line up each index card so that my image is in exactly the same place for each drawing.  That’s attention to detail!

Now it is your turn. You’ll need:  Index cards (or other paper), pencil, sunny window or bright white screen, and a story to tell, a binder clip is nice if you have one too

What stories can you imagine?  How do you make small changes from drawing to drawing in order to tell that story?

 Ignite your imagination and make your own flipbook.  Email your photos or a video to or share with us on social media.