Creating resin bookmarks

Fourth-grade students from every elementary school in Plainfield recently wrapped up a special Odyssey experience with local artist Pam Halliburton.  

Students learned about her journey as an artist and how to appreciate the art that they or someone else makes.  Pam is a Motivational Expressionistic Painter-Textile Designer who loves to share her story and passion.  One of the many mediums of art she uses is resin.  So, students also had a chance to make a UV resin bookmark.

This form of resin is cured in a few minutes by using ultraviolet light, so students could take their bookmarks with them.


In another station, students designed a sticker to place on their bookmarks after learning about HEX codes which a computer uses to know which color to produce on a screen (for example, The Imagination Lab orange is #F47D4B).

Students also investigated which things glow under blacklight flashlights.  The blacklight flashlights shine light that is just inside the ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and can cause some things, like honey, laundry detergent, and ripe bananas, to glow.

At The Imagination Lab, students learn through highly engaging, hands-on exploration that brings together all kinds of subjects of study.  Thank you to our artist, Pam Halliburton, for helping to provide a unique experience for fourth-grade students at The Imagination Lab.