Barbara Howery, fluid artist

Barbara Howery is a fluid artist (  You might have seen her recently at the Tri Kappa Gingerbread Christmas art and craft show.  For 5 days this December, she worked with all the 2nd-grade classes in Plainfield schools to show how she turns pourable paint into works of art.

Students rotated through four stations to experience the science and art.

1.  The artist demonstrated several techniques, with students helping to choose colors.  She moves the paint with hair dryers, swipes with cards, and makes designs using balloons!

2.  Fluid art works because paints with different densities sink or rise when mixed.  Students learned about density by making a column of salt water (red), sugar water (blue),  and plain water green with pipettes and test tubes.

3.  Teachers guided students through the steps to make a bottle bottom pour canvas to keep in their class.  

4.  And in the most popular station, students made a coaster and canvas to keep.  They poured paint onto wax paper and then dipped the top of the coaster into the paint.  Messy, creative, and "so satisfying" (ask a 2nd-grader if you aren't familiar with this phrase!)

Thank you to our fantastic 2nd-grade teachers for making this a successful and memorable chance to work with an artist.

Artist-in-residence experiences are supported by the Friends of The Lab, a 501c3, through their annual gala.  Mark your calendars for September 21, 2024! 

Stay tuned for stories about two more artists-in-residence working with 4th and 5th-grade students in February and March.