It takes a lot to run The Imagination Lab. With over 2500 students in grades K-5 that come into our space each month, we could not have successful Odysseys without the assistance of our volunteers.

We also owe a huge thanks to our donors!

Recently the Plainfield Rotary Club donated TacTiles and Tuffbots to The Imagination Lab. Our students have used Bluebots in the past as an introduction to coding, and the TacTiles are a stepping stone for the Bluebots! These code readers connect to the Bluebots via bluetooth to move the Bluebot according to the arrows on the tiles the students place on the reader!

The Tuffbots are relatively similar to the Bluebots in how they are coded, with key differences the students get to experiment with to understand how they move. This semester Plainfield first graders will get to compare Bluebots and Tuffbots as well as program the Tuffbots to complete some mazes. Here’s a sneak peek from January!

Thanks, Plainfield Rotary Club, for investing in our students’ learning!