Building QIRA (Quaker Imagineer Robot Ambassador)

A video update in their words

1/22/2018 - Construction update on QIRA

The Quaker Imagineers had a progress meeting on Google Hangout in December 2017. In the meeting, middle school and high school students caught us up on some of the news about QIRA. Here is what we found out:

The middle and high schoolers are working very hard to complete QIRA. They have finished the bottom, but it still needs to be programmed. There will be an iPad to act as an interactive screen on his/her face. The head and body frames are done, and also need to be programmed and finished. Look out for QIRA's tiny friend, QIR-B (Kirby)! They are planning to make a small companion for QIRA. Give a round of applause for the hard work from the middle and high schoolers! 

Don't forget to check out our next blog post next month for the latest news on QIRA.

11/17/2017 - Introducing QIRA

From the 5th grade Quaker Imagineers reporting team:

The Quaker Imagineers have been working hard on building this robot. So far, we have the framing of the robot finished. The robot will be 4 ft. tall, 30 in. wide, 36 in. deep, 12 in. thick, and 80 lbs. The robot head can rotate 360 degrees and an iPad can fit on its face. Plus, for your convenience, the robot will have doors and shelves on the inside for storage and will possibly carry corn hole boards! The Quaker Imagineers are working very hard to make this mascot for you and your community.

Students also shared individual reflections about a work session that brought together all the Quaker Imagineers on October 12:

"We are extremely fortunate that the Plainfield Legacy foundation donated money to the Imagineers for the robot. One thing I enjoyed was that we got to see where the robot was going to be built. We also know for sure the name of the robot is QIRA. Also we met with the Plainfield middle and high schoolers to discuss the cad of the robot and learned the high schooler have it completely CADed.I believe that this robot will be a wonderful addition to this school." - Aydin S.

"In the last meeting we wrote thank you cards to the Legacy Foundation for donating the money for this project, decided on a name (QIRA- Quaker Imagineers Robot Ambassador). The high schoolers showed us what they had CADed. We did a critical design review. We were showed where the robot would be built as well. This all happened at the last meeting the Quaker Imagineers had." - Jocelyn A.

"The last time the Quaker Imagineers met up, we did a Critical Design Review. We talked about how the robot was coming along. It is already CADded! Also in that time we got to see the space where the robot will be built and we talked about names for the robot. We decided its name was going to be QIRA, which means Quaker Imagineers Robot Ambassador. In our surplus time, we made thank you cards for the Legacy Foundation who funded this big project. I liked that part a lot. In the end, we got a bunch of things done." - Adelynne P.

Middle and High School Quaker Imagineers have begun construction.  

Thank you to AndyMark for their donation to make this construction possible.

Look for more updates soon!

Oct 5, 2017 - First Blog Post

Hi, this is the Quaker Imagineers. 

All six schools in the Plainfield School cooperation are collaborating to build a robot for the Imagination Lab. The high school is going to CAD and build the robot. The middle school is purchasing and gathering parts to build the robot, and will help assemble the robot with the high school students.

The elementary school is in charge of communications. [Editor’s note: These students are writing the text you are reading in this blog!]

The students will be writing and editing newsletters for the website, and will talk students in their school about the robot and how it is coming along. The elementary students also had the opportunity to collaborate about the robot traits and design. During a work day, all six schools got together to create a prototype of the robot for the middle school and high school students to use during the building process.

Reflections from 5th grade Van Buren students:

Kylee D.Rosalina S.
I’m proud to be a Quaker Imagineer because I think this will help kids learn more. I’m really ready for the final robot. I think it will look awesome. I also wonder how our ideas will be included. My experience as a Quaker Imagineer is wonderful. I was very glad to learn new skills on teamwork and working together. I loved that teammates’ ideas and my ideas are going to be able to come to life. So far, I’m excited about the progress we have made. I’m also personally excited to see what we will do in the future, and how we will impact others.
Max P.
I’m very happy to be a Quaker Imagineer because I think that it is a good idea to have students make a robot for the Imagination Lab. This project helped us meet new people and share ideas about what we think the robot should have.

We have done a few activities that I have certainly enjoyed. Our first session was brainstorming to come up with what we think the robot should do or may need to do to get around. We had many ideas and after discussing them the group agreed it will need to know its way around its environment and should be durable.

My favorite part was when we met with the high school and middle school students to share our ideas. Together we made a design of what we thought the robot would look like with all the pieces in place.  We then talked together about the details that the robot should have. I thought this was fun because we got to discuss as a group what we thought it should do and hear the high school students talk about how they could make it work.

I hope that in future sessions we talk about progress in spreading the news around Plainfield. I think that this project is a huge success, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished robot and being in the parade with it.

Sept 5, 2017 -- Introducing The Quaker Imagineers

The Quaker Imagineers

Students and teachers with robot prototypes; an early important step in the design process.

Thanks to a generous donation of $10,000 from the Plainfield Legacy Foundation, a group of elementary, middle, and high school students, along with PCMS and PHS engineering teachers are building a robot during the 2017-2018 school year.  The robot highlights the creative and collaborative work students will be doing at The Imagination Lab -- and will be our mascot!