Please access Naviance family connection to view the current list of local scholarships.

  • www.scholarships.com - Help searching, finding and applying for scholarships, grants and financial aid that match you. Also search for colleges and discover your best fit. Find scholarships and colleges offering you even more financial aid options.
  • www.fastweb.com - information about financial aid site with a scholarship search; includes information on choosing a college and being successful in a career.
  • www.finaid.org - all areas related to financial aid for college; lists unusual scholarships.
  • www.inpathways.net/scholarship_database.htm - a number of scholarship search engines in one place.

Additional Helpful Links

  • www.fafsa.ed.gov - Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is free to file!
  • www.in.gov/ssaci - State Student Commission website; sources of financial aid from the State of Indiana
  • www.collegecosts.com - lots of preparing for college information, especially financial information; services free to Hendricks Co. high school students; can talk to a real person for advice with college financial issues
  • www.collegequest.com - college search site
  • www.educationplanner.com - for high school students who aren’t sure what they want to do after graduation; presents a lot of information, including career assessment tools, study skills, tips on completing the FAFSA, a free scholarship search, etc.
  • www.xap.com - career assessment, college search, and financial information
  • www.brokescholar.com - scholarship search
  • www.indianacollegechoices.org - website for the 31 independent colleges of Indiana
  • www.icn.org - Indiana College Network; distance learning provided by a variety of participating colleges (all public, a few private) in Indiana
  • www.petersons.com - national information about colleges and graduate schools; includes “best of...” lists
  • www.questbridge.org - limited to more exclusive colleges