PHS Student Activities

ClubSponsor(s)DescriptionMeeting Times/Location(s)

3487 Red Pride Robotics Team

Mr. Eddie Schmitt & Mr. Michael Taylor
Design, program, wire, and build competition robots, as well as develop business plan, public relations, and promote within the community.
See Sponsor(s)

Academic Super Bowl

Mr. Stacey Peters
The high school competition will be made up of five subject matter rounds (English, science, social studies, mathematics, and fine arts) and a sixth interdisciplinary round in which questions may come from any and all of the subject matter rounds. Some interdisciplinary questions will require knowledge of at least two subject areas.

The callout meeting will be in late October.
American Sign Language Club

Mrs. Amanda MurphyASL Club is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn American Sign Language and gain insight into their world. This club is also fitting for Indiana, since the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) is only forty minutes away from the high school. Students will be able to learn the fundamentals of the language and form their thoughts. We will meet once every two weeks on a Tuesday unless otherwise specified. By the end of the year, students will be able to form a basic conversation in the language of the deaf. 
See Sponsor

Athletic Leadership Council

Mr. Andy Weaver, Mr. Pat Cavanaugh, & Mr. Brian Woodard
ALC consists on 2 reps from each sport offered by our athletic department. Varsity coaches determine their sports reps for the club. The clubs discusses positive leadership and how each rep can be a better leader. The goal is to engage in activities that will allow each of our teams to have the best culture possible.

Room F203 during SMART when “A” Clubs meet

Athletic Manager Club

Mr. Kevin Mucho & Mr. Josh Estridge
The AMC serves as a manager “hub” for PHS athletics. This club provides students the opportunity to become more involved with the school, the opportunity to play important roles in the success of PHS athletic teams, and the opportunity to earn varsity letters for multiple sports.

Room F108 during Club A SMART


Mrs. Lani Ricketts
Host and greet visitors to our building, Tours and lunch buddies, help with events in the community. (Must be in 11th or 12th grade)
Meets 2nd & 4th Wed. each month

Art Club

Mr. David Ballinger
Art Club is open to any and all students that wish to explore the creative side of their lives. We do many various projects and activities using a variety of materials and subject matter. Most projects are focused on a make and take origin.

Room A116

Congregation Club

Mrs. Vicki Westfall & Mr. Adam Ferguson
Congregation Club is open to students of all grades who are interested in promoting school pride in all of the various activities at PHS (Athletics, Academics, Co-Curricular, Etc.) Club members will help decide themes for athletic games, encourage attendance and publicity for activities throughout the school year, and help make PHS more welcoming and meaningful for all students.

First Meeting will be in F202/F204 (Mr. Ferguson’s Room) on September 4. We will meet in the same location on SMART Period B Club days.

Creative Writing

Ms. Kathryn Staublin
Creative Writing Club is a place for students who enjoy writing all kinds of pieces from Poetry to Short Stories. It is really a time to create and share those pieces with other students who enjoy the same thing.



Ms. Shelby Lewis
The dance team performs engaging and entertaining routines at home football and basketball games. As well as cheering on their peers the dance team also competes in IHSDTA competitions. Try outs for the team are every May.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 4pm-5pm in the Fieldhouse. Year round.


Ms. Megan Craft
DECA is a co-curricular organization made up of marketing and business students. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in areas of marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Students learn these skills through various activities throughout the year including community service and competitions.

Room G103

Doctor Who Club

Mr. John Newbold
Doctor Who Club is a club for students who are fans of, or interested, in Doctor Who, or who just like to hang out with some new people! Everyone is welcome!
Meets Thursdays after school in room E106

Drama Club

Mrs. Deanna Schoeff
Drama Club is a group whose goal is to educate students more about the world of theatre at PHS. We are actively involved in helping with both productions during the school year as well as other school events.

See Sponsor

Dungeons & Dragons

Mrs. Susan Ritter
Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy game in which players assume the roles of characters journeying through a magical world.Campaigns are as limitless as the player’s imagination. Open to all- new to the game as well as experienced players

G205 Every Wed after school until 4:30pm

ELL Club

Mrs. Ryann Mills and Mrs. Adriana LaurensELL Club is a club for ELL students to pair up with a native English speaking peer to improve English speaking skills and meet new friends.Meets during Club B rotation of SMART in E207 (Mrs. Mills’s Room)

Esports Team

Mrs. Jordan Walters
We are currently in affiliation with the High School Esports League. Games offered vary by season and popularity, and can include team or solo play. There are 3 tournament seasons per school year.
Matches played at 5:00pm at home on specific days of the week determined per game. Call-out meetings will be held before each season begins.
FACS ClubMrs. Kelli Dennis & Mrs. Alicia HummelSee Sponsor(s)See Sponsor(s)
Fashion ClubMrs. Kelli Dennis & Mrs. Alicia HummelSee Sponsor(s)See Sponsor(s)


Mrs. Heather Armstrong &Mr. Stacey Peters
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is for anyone (non-athletes also are welcome) who wants to gather together with other students interested in Christianity. FCA welcomes any and all students!
Meets every Thursday at 7:21 a.m. Location TBD.

Film Club

Mrs. Melissa Sedwick
The PHS Film Club is a group of students who are interested in writing, shooting, starring in and editing original films.
See Sponsor

French Club

Mrs. Karen Gossmann
French Club promotes French culture, and the French language. Some of our activities include: cooking, eating French food, seeing plays, playing games, watching movies, and more. Everyone is welcome!

See Sponsor

Game Club

Mrs. Jordan Walters & Mr. Eddie Schmitt
Game Club is a place to spend time with fellow enthusiasts. All types and forms of gamers are welcome: those who play board games, card games, table-top games, video games, and puzzles.Meets every morning at 7:30-8:00 in A123&Meets every Tuesday at 3:05-4:00 in E206

German Club

Mrs. Susan Ament & Mrs. Jordan Walters
German Club primarily focuses on learning about German culture although some events are purely social. We meet once a month and our activities include dining at German restaurants, Sankt Nikolaus celebration, Duck Pin Bowling, Indoor Rock Climbing and more.

Meets approximately every month on different days/times depending on the activity. See the sponsors for more information.
Hacky Sack ClubMrs. Jamie CollierThe hacky sack club will bring students together to enjoy a game that has been played for many years. Not only is a great game to play to pass time, but it also helps improve coordination, balance, and brain development
Will meet during club smart time in the wrestling room 

Hands for Heroes
Mr. Mel Siefert & Mr. Pat Cavanaugh
See Sponsor(s)

See Sponsor(s)


Mrs. Elaine Townsend & Mr. A.J. McAdams
HOSA - Future Health Professionals is a club designed for students interested in a health/medical profession. We meet as needed to complete our community service projects and to prepare for the State Competition.
SMART - Rotation B in AuditoriumAll additional practices and events listed in Schoology

Interact Club

Mrs. Emily Williams & Mrs. Chris Wilburn
Interact is a service club sponsored by the local Rotary Club. Our mission is to serve our communities. We do multiple local service projects each year such as buying holiday gifts for families in need, collecting hygiene items for local pantries, and volunteering as peer mentors to younger students. We also do a global service project each year.

Room G203 during Club B Rotation and 1 day a month after school as well. Call out meeting August 14th after school in G203.

Jr. Optimist Club

Mrs. Jamie Treash
The Junior Optimist is a community service club sponsored by Optimist International and Plainfield Optimist Club. In the past, we have done projects such as participating in a Rake n Run, organize Coat Drives, help at local food pantry, adopt a Christmas family in need etc. It’s a great way to earn service hours.

We meet with the A club rotation during SMART period.

Just Friends

Ms. Jessica Breidinger & Mrs. Kris Weisbach
Just Friends is a program where Basic and Life Skills students get to participate in community activities with their general education peers approximately 1 time a month.

See Sponsor(s)

Key Club

Mr. Tim Titzer
Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, state, and international levels.


MakerSpaces Club

Mrs. Lael DuBois & Mrs. Stacy Sanford
The MakerSpaces Club provides a place where you can create projects, color, assemble 3D puzzles, build with legos, explore virtual reality and produce poetry.


Muslim Student Association

Mr. David Knueve & Mr. Ben Moore
We are a club whose purpose is to educate our school community about what true Islam means and to engage in serving the needs of our school and local community. MSA welcomes students of all faiths to join our club.

See Sponsor(s)

National Honor Society

Mr. Adam Ferguson
The purpose of National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of PHS.
Every other Monday morning (starting August 12) at 7:30 in the LGI Room.
Newsmagazine/YearbookMrs. Michelle Burress &Mrs. Carrie CavanaughCo-curricular -- must be enrolled in classCo-curricular -- must be enrolled in class

Reading Club

Mrs. Lael DuBois, Mrs. Stacy Sanford, & Mrs. Lauren Weddle
The Plainfield Reading Club will consist of a group of students’ grades 9–12 who enjoy reading for recreation. The annual goal for the Reading Club is to foster a love of reading and lifelong-learning.


Riley Dance Marathon

Mrs. Rachel Freeman, Mr. Adam Ferguson, & Mr. Joe Hoffman
The purpose of Riley Dance Marathon is to raise awareness and funds for the children of Riley Hospital. The club will be active throughout the school year in numerous fundraising activities that culminates in the Spring with our multi-hour Dance Marathon, a philanthropic experience of food, games, crafts, and fun where the students stay on their feet for the entire duration of the marathon. Our yearly goal is to raise $20,000 for the children of Riley Hospital.

SMART Group A days. Meet in the Auditorium. First Meeting is August 28 during SMART.
Social SkillsMrs. Cherrie RiddleSee SponsorSee Sponsor(s)

Spanish Club

All Spanish Teachers
Spanish club meets once a month to celebrate Spanish culture through various activities such as restaurant nights out, community service in Hispanic populated area in downtown Indy, Day of the Dead celebration, International night celebrating foods from different countries, zumba/dancing, and holiday giving opportunities. Don't let your busy schedules deter you from signing up! We just hope to see you at the ones you can make! Annual Membership 3$ and opportunity to purchase optional club shirt.

See Sponsor(s)

Student Government

Mrs. Chris Wilburn & Mr. Adam Ferguson
Student Government is comprised of an Executive Board – Student Body President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer (elected positions), a Senate – class representatives (elected positions), and a House of Representatives – students from each club/co-curricular group, sport, etc.

Tuesday mornings at 7:30 in F202/F204. Check the calendars on schoology.

Tutoring Club

Mrs. Carrie Cavanaugh, Mrs. Kellie Jacobs, Mr. John Newbold, & Mr. Adam Ferguson
Tutoring Club will allow those students who are interested in peer tutoring a chance to help their fellow students in the mornings, during study halls, SMART Periods, and after school. Tutors will be trained by Mr. Ferguson prior to sessions with fellow students to make the sessions productive and professional.

Call Out Meeting will be in F202/204 Friday, August 16 before school (7:30 a.m) and after school (3:10 p.m.).

Future meeting dates will be decided by sponsors.

Together We Lead (Mentoring Club)Mr. John Endsley & Mr. Chris PearsonSee Sponsor(s)See Sponsor(s)
Freshman Class Sponsors Mrs. Michelle Cheek & Mrs. Stephanie EldridgeSee Sponsor(s)See Sponsor(s)
Sophomore Class SponsorsMr. John Newbold & Mrs. Jaleen RoyerSee Sponsor(s)See Sponsor(s)
Junior Class SponsorsMrs. Brittanie Hacker & Mrs. Jamie NicholsSee Sponsor(s)See Sponsor(s)
Senior Class SponsorsMr. Dave Owen & Mr. Travis ReberSee Sponsor(s)See Sponsor(s)