Athletic Policies & Guidelines

Athletic Department

Mr. Torrey Rodkey – Assistant Principal of Athletics

Mr. Pat Cavanaugh – Assistant Athletic Director

Mrs. Brandi Morris - Secretary


Plainfield High School recognizes that interested students should have the opportunity to develop their potential as athletes in activities appropriate to their level of ability. In this spirit, PHS provides a program of interscholastic athletics, which promotes participation for qualified students within the rules, and regulations of the Indiana High School Athletic Association and Plainfield High School Athletic Department. It is the goal of our school to provide such opportunity as a further means of developing the intellectual, emotional and social maturity of our students, while at the same time teaching the importance and worth of teamwork and sportsmanship. PHS athletics also provide a unifying influence upon our student body and between our school and community. Finally, as is true in all aspects of education at Plainfield High School, our athletic program is committed to the pursuit of excellence, acknowledging that the quest itself is the most significant aspect of achievement.


PHS has developed a rich tradition in athletics. The entire school and community take pride in the accomplishments of the Quaker athletic teams.
Boys are offered a ten-sport program including cross-country, football, soccer and tennis in the fall; basketball, swimming and wrestling in the winter; and baseball, golf and track in the spring. Girls are offered a ten-sport program including cross-country, golf, soccer, and volleyball in the fall; basketball, cheerleading, and swimming in the winter; and softball, tennis and track in the spring.
All students with sufficient ability are eligible to participate provided they meet the scholastic standards and conduct requirements as established by the PHS Athletic Board and IHSAA.
In 2014-2015 Plainfield High School will continue to be a member of the Mid State Conference. Other members include, Decatur Central, Franklin, Greenwood, Martinsville, Mooresville, and Whiteland.


Participation in athletics is a privilege earned by meeting the rules and standards set by schools, conferences and the IHSAA. Students who have questions concerning eligibility should contact the Assistant Principal/Athletics BEFORE they endanger their athletic eligibility.


To be eligible for athletics a student must:
- have passed five full credit classes or the equivalent during the past grade period with semester grades taking precedence, and
- be and remain enrolled in five full credit classes or the equivalent. (Audits and incompletes CANNOT be counted as helping to meet these requirements)
Plainfield High School has established the following dates for the certification of athletic eligibility for the 2014-2015 school year. Eligibility is determined by current grade on that date.
- 1st Certification Date: Wednesday, October 8
- 2nd Certification Date: Tuesday, December 23 (when first semester grades are released)
- 3rd Certification Date: Wednesday, March 18
- 4th Certification Date: Tuesday, June 2 (when second semester grades are released)
- Eligibility for the beginning of school on August 4 is based upon the 2013-2014 2nd Semester Grades and/or completion of summer school coursework.
- Eligibility for the 2nd Semester is based upon Fall Semester Grades.


An athlete who misses 5 consecutive days of school or athletic participation due to illness or injury must obtain written permission from a physician and present this to the Assistant Principal/Athletics or coach before he/she may again become eligible for participation. Additional practices are required by the IHSAA before regaining eligibility after an extended absence due to illness or injury.


Student athletes should manage their time in such a way as not to miss practices, competitions or school in order to participate in athletics and achieve successfully in academics. If this cannot be done, students should not be involved in athletics. Academics must be a higher priority than athletics.


A student whose 20th birthday occurs on or prior to the scheduled date of the IHSAA State Finals in a sport shall be ineligible for interschool athletic competition in that sport.


Students shall not play under assumed names; accept remuneration directly or indirectly for athletic participation; or participate in athletic activities, tryouts, auditions, practices, and games held or sponsored by professional athletic organizations, clubs or their representatives.


Student athletes are expected to make school a priority. This includes attendance both the day of and the day after athletic contests. Student athletes and student staff are expected to be in attendance at school on time the day following all evening activities. All efforts are made to avoid late activities on school nights, but sometimes they are necessary. Students must be in attendance at school during the last two periods of the day to be eligible for extracurricular activities that day. Exceptions would be pre-arranged absence, school-related functions or other exceptions approved by the Assistant Principal/Athletics.


Plainfield High School Cheerleaders are representatives of and ambassadors for our school. In addition to fostering spirit and good sportsmanship, they serve as positive role models for the youth of our community. All requirements for participation which apply to other athletes (such as physicals, code of conduct and adherence to Training Rules) also apply to cheerleaders.

PHs dance team

The Plainfield High School Dance Team represents the school as a non-IHSAA activity. The PHS Dance Team performs at multiple events including football and basketball games and also compete in a state association competition. All requirements for participation which apply to other athletes (such as physicals, code of conduct and adherence to Training Rules) also apply to dancers.


Student athletes are a reflection of Plainfield High School and the Plainfield community. Student athletes should act in an appropriate manner at all times and keep in mind that they are a role model for students of all ages. Excellent character and good sportsmanship and not only encouraged but are an expectation to be a Quaker athlete.


Hazing activities of any type are prohibited at all times. Hazing is defined as: Doing any act or coercing another, including the victim, to do any act of initiation into any student or other organization that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person. Permission, consent, or assumption of risk by an individual subjected to hazing does not lessen the prohibition contained in this policy. No administrator, faculty member, or other employee of the school district will encourage, permit, condone, or tolerate hazing activities. No student, including leaders of student organizations, will plan, encourage, or engage in hazing. All hazing incidents will be reported immediately to the principal and superintendent.


Plainfield High School recognizes that every student should have the opportunity for a broad range of experiences in the area of extracurricular activities. Students are also urged to use caution in attempting to specialize too much, thereby denying themselves a well-rounded high school career. Students, however, should be cautious about participating in too many activities. Interscholastic sports at the high school level require a substantial time commitment, which usually extends Monday through Saturday from the first official day of practice until the end of the tournament series. A commitment to a high school athletic team indicates that all non-school conflicts will be resolved in favor of the high school team. This would not include such things as significant religious holidays, participating in a relative’s wedding, a family member’s funeral, etc.
If a conflict between activities arises, the student should notify the coach and/or sponsors involved and attempt to resolve the conflicts as equitably as possible. If the conflict persists, the student may contact the Assistant Principal/Athletics for assistance.


After enrollment or attending classes in 9th grade, a student is eligible for no more than 8 consecutive semesters.


Plainfield High School endeavors to provide each team member with the best and safest equipment available. All equipment issued to an athlete is expected to be returned in the same condition as when issued (excepting normal wear and tear) or the athlete is expected to compensate the Athletic Department for the lost or damaged equipment. Failure to return equipment, including athletic locks, or to compensate the school for lost or damaged equipment will result in forfeiture of award.


Plainfield High School maintains separate teams for freshmen in all sports whenever possible. Freshman are eligible to participate in all sports at the junior varsity or varsity level based on ability as determined by the head coach.


Plainfield High School athletes act as representatives of the school and community and, therefore, are required to exhibit a well-groomed and appropriate appearance. The Principal, Athletic Director and Coaches will determine Athletic Department guidelines as needed concerning the appropriateness of styles within the context of safety and accepted social norms.


PHS administrators, coaches, and trainers are safety conscious and are trained to instruct athletes in the safe and proper techniques of their individual sport(s). Due to the nature of athletic activity, however, injury may occur. While the school provides the opportunity for such participation, the parent retains the right of denial of such participation. If the student does participate, the parent must carry the responsibility for providing medical care and/or insurance coverage for their son or daughter. Parents are encouraged to have an insurance policy to cover athletic injuries and the cost of treatment. Contact the Athletic Office for information about insurance plans, which can be purchased by parents to cover their student athlete. In recent years the IHSAA has also carried catastrophic insurance to cover major injuries incurred during participation in approved IHSAA sports programs. More information about the IHSAA plan is available upon request at the Athletic Office. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT NEITHER THE IHSAA NOR PLAINFIELD HIGH SCHOOL CARRIES ANY KIND OF FIRST DOLLAR MEDICAL INSURANCE FOR ATHLETIC INJURIES. Parents who choose not to carry insurance on their student-athlete must sign a waiver before their child may start practice.


The Plainfield High School Athletic Department supports the concept of participating in more than one high school sport. High school coaches should not establish expectations about the seasons, which would prohibit or restrict a student from participation in another sport, which is in same season. A student athlete who wishes to participate in more than one sport in the same season (fall, winter, spring) must have prior approval of the coaches and the Assistant Principal/Athletics. A schedule resolving all practice and competition conflicts must be established prior to the season and the student athlete will be asked to designate a primary sport if necessary.


Athletes who participate as members of any similar teams in the same sport season, not under the direct supervision and management of their school, shall not be eligible for participation on the school team. Participation in other sports while participating on a school team should only be done with the knowledge of the high school coach.


Students desiring to participate in interscholastic athletics must undergo a physical examination performed by a licensed medical doctor (M.D.) prior to the first practice of any sport. The physical form, which must be signed by an M.D., may be obtained at the Athletic Office or found online. The doctor’s signature must be dated after April 1 preceding the current school year. The student must complete the medical history and sign to be eligible for participation.

In addition (IC 20-34-7) requires that each year, before beginning practice for an interscholastic or intramural sport (including Powder Puff), a high school student athlete and the student athlete’s parents must be given an information sheet regarding the risk of concussion, and both must sign and return a form acknowledging receipt of the information. A high school student athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game, shall be removed from play at the time of injury and man not return to play until the student athlete has received a written clearance from a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussions and head injuries.


As a general rule Plainfield High School sanctions the sports, which are sanctioned by the IHSAA. Sanctioning of any other sports by Plainfield High School would require School Board approval. Such approval would include consideration of available schools to schedule, costs, revenue, supervision, availability of facilities, availability of qualified coaches, student interest, etc.


Plainfield High School offers a variety of ticket plans for the convenience of students, parents and patrons. Substantial savings on admission costs to events can be realized through the purchase of seasonal athletic passes, good for all PHS home athletic events during that sports season, excluding IHSAA, county or conference events. Students and patrons may also purchase single session tickets at the gate for any event they wish to attend. For further information contact the PHS Athletic Office.


Parents of students who wish to participate in athletics at PHS, but who did not attend Plainfield Community Schools during their intended sport’s season the previous school year, are required to complete an Athletic Transfer Report Form which will be sent to the student’s former school and to the IHSAA for approval. The student cannot become eligible for competition until approval has been granted by the IHSAA. Students who transfer without a corresponding change in residence by the parents MAY be granted limited eligibility, which allows for participation at the junior varsity level only for a period of 365 days.


PHS athletes are required to travel to and from athletic contests and special events in school approved vehicles under adult supervision provided by PHS. For some sports such as swimming, golf, soccer and baseball, athletes must provide their own transportation to and from practice. Extraordinary circumstances should be submitted to the Assistant Principal/Athletics for his review prior to the day of the event.


Students shall be ineligible if a person uses undue influence to retain or secure them as student-athletes or to retain or secure their parents as residents.


The weight room is available for use by athletes before and after school as scheduled by the Weight Room Director. No student shall use the weight room facilities without adult supervision, nor without a training program approved by the Strength Coach.


1. All letters, gold emblems, gold bars and certificates will be purchased by the school.
2. Jackets or lost awards may be purchased by the athlete.
3. No athlete may receive an award in a sport for which he/she is ineligible at the completion of the season.
4. Candidates must complete the season’s play in good standing in order to be eligible for awards, but medical considerations may waive this requirement.
5. Major varsity letters received in other schools will be counted toward PHS award system.
6. Coaches, under the supervision of the Assistant Principal/Athletics, will establish varsity-lettering requirements.
Major Varsity Awards (earned in the same sport)
1st Award - Athlete will receive a 6” letter P, numerals, and a chevron patch with their sport on it. Athlete may purchase a jacket.
2nd Award - Athlete will receive a certificate and another chevron.
3rd Award - Athlete will receive a plaque and a third chevron.
4th Award - Athlete will receive an insignia plaque and a fourth chevron.
Major Varsity Awards (earned in subsequent sports)
1st Award - Athlete will receive a chevron with their sport.
2nd Award - Athlete will receive a certificate and another chevron.
3rd Award - Athlete will receive a plaque and a third chevron.
4th Award - Athlete will receive an insignia plaque and a fourth chevron.
Junior Varsity Awards (for participants who did not receive a major varsity award)
1st Award & Subsequent Awards - Certificate.
9th Grade Awards
1st Award - Athlete will receive a certificate.
2nd Award - Athlete will receive a certificate.
3rd Award - Athlete will receive a certificate.


1. Major Robert Burke Koho Memorial Award for Patriotism: Given to an outstanding senior male athlete.
2. Jim Lovell Memorial Award: Given to an outstanding male baseball player.
3. Phil Parker Memorial Award: Given to an outstanding male or female sophomore athlete.
4. Jake Weber Award: Given to an outstanding male or female athlete.
5. Outstanding Senior Girl and Boy Award: Given to an outstanding girl and boy senior athlete that has participated in at least two sports and has six varsity letters.
6. Damon Leach Award: Given to outstanding girl or boy athlete that has earned a letter in basketball, track or football.
7. Red Pride Booster Club Scholarships: Given to outstanding student-athletes at PHS.


Two trophies may be given in each sport at the discretion of the coach (MVP, Mental Attitude, Most Improved, etc.).


The National Collegiate Athletic Association has established the following standards for participation in its member schools’ intercollegiate athletic program.
To compete in Division I athletics, a student must have:
1. 32 credits from core courses, consisting of 4 years of English, 3 years of math, 2 years of natural/physical science, 1 year from any of the previous groups, 2 years of social science, and 4 years from any of the previous groups, including world language.
2. a combined minimum cumulative GPA and minimum SAT or ACT score as prescribed by the NCAA using their sliding scale.
3. a 2.0 GPA and score either a minimum 1010 on the SAT or an ACT sum score of 86.
To compete in Division II athletics, a student must have:
1. 28 credits from core courses, consisting of 3 years of English, 2 years of math, 2 years of natural/physical science, 2 years from any of the previous groups, 2 years of social science, and 3 years from any of the previous groups, including world language.
2. a 2.0 GPA and score either a minimum 820 on the SAT or an ACT sum score of 68.
A list of core courses is available in the guidance office. Information is also located at www.ncaaclearinghouse.org. The guidance office will help students determine the number of core classes and academic eligibility as determined by GPA and test scores. Students must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center before graduation in order to qualify for Division I and Division II collegiate athletics.
Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to John Newbold (NCAA Eligibility Counselor).