Below are the number of doses and each vaccine required for school entry. The entering student must have his or her shots prior to the first day of school.

Indiana Code (I.C. 20-34-4-5) states that a child is not permitted to attend school beyond the first day without furnishing a written record, unless:

  • The school gives a waiver (for a period not to exceed 20 days); or
  • The local health department or a physician determines that the child’s immunizations have been delayed due to extreme circumstances and that the required immunizations will not be completed by the first day of school. The parent must furnish a written statement and a time schedule approved by a physician or health department; or
  • A medical or religious exemption is on file. Exemptions must be stated in writing by a physician for a medical objection and by the parent for a religious objection, and must be given to the principal before school enrollment.

Contact the Hendricks County Department of Health at 317-745-9222 for eligibility for low cost immunizations. Vaccines are available at local Walgreens or CVS clinics, or you may also choose to see your own physician.