A state statute identifies 13 character traits that are to be integrated into our current instructional program. Those character traits listed in the state statute are very similar to the core values identified by the Plainfield Community Values Awareness Committee.

A committee of teachers from each building and two administrators reviewed the state statute guidelines and realigned the core values to correspond with months within the school calendar. The following monthly guide was refined for use by classroom teachers and administrators throughout the school year, using both state and steering committee definitions of the required character traits and existing community core values.

Plainfield Community School Corporation

Values Recognition Program

  • AUGUST Truth/Respect for Law and Order
  • SEPTEMBER Dignity/Self Esteem
  • OCTOBER Responsibility/Accountability/Justice
  • NOVEMBER Respect for Others’ Rights
  • DECEMBER Kindness
  • JANUARY Equal Opportunity
  • FEBRUARY Honesty
  • MARCH Reliability
  • APRIL Respect for Environment
  • MAY Integrity