Click here for ONLINE REGISTRATION (NOTE: this is for students NEW to Plainfield for the 2017-2018 year: Kindergarten, Transfer applicants, or families moving to Plainfield)

Effective in Spring of 2017, and in preparation for the 2017-2018 academic year, Plainfield schools will be using an online registration system. We are excited to bring this customer-friendly, efficient system to our school families! Some of the key reasons we're moving to online registration include:

  • Online registration creates an optimum experience for families
  • Securely available anywhere with internet access
  • Annual process = more current information
  • Forms are pre-populated with data on file
  • Families can save and come back if necessary
  • Ability to remind families to update data
  • Share family information between siblings
  • Technical assistance is provided by InfoSnap!

As we prepare to roll out the system, we knew there would be more questions, and we’ve tried to anticipate many of the list that follows.



InfoSnap is the company behind our online registration system, and they provide comprehensive support to assist families in accessing and completing online forms. The InfoSnap Support Team can be reached at

  • 866-752-6850, or

We encourage you to contact InfoSnap support if you have difficulty accessing a form, are unable to log in to their account, forget their password, have technical issues with a form, or if a form has been linked to the wrong user account.


There are certain situations your child’s school office can best answer your questions. These include:

  • Interpretations of questions (How should I fill this out?)
  • Changing submitted information
  • User's record is 'On Hold'
  • Incorrect information within "read-only" fields