Click link below to view upcoming events for Plainfield High School Athletics:

Athletic Calendar (2016-17)

iCAL link : Please use URL below and device instructions to subscribe to the PHS athletic calendar on your smart phone or device:

Device Instructions


  1. Tap the 'Settings' app
  2. Tap 'Mail, Contact, Calendars'
  3. Tap 'Add Account...'
  4. Tap 'Other'
  5. Under 'Calendars', tap 'Add Subscribed Calendar'
  6. Enter one of the links from above into the 'Server' field and this the 'next' button.
  7. After the server address is verified, you can edit the calendar name in the 'Description' field.
  8. Tap 'Save'
  9. Your calendar should now appear in the 'Calendar' app.


  1. Open in a web browser.
  2. Along the left side of the calendar, click on the dropdown arrow under 'Other Calendars'
  3. Select Add by URL
  4. Copy and paste one of the links from above into the 'URL' field
  5. Click Add Calendar
  6. Your calendar will now be found under 'Other Calendars'